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By: Christine Dale, BSN, RN, CLHRP

Microdermabrasion is one of the most popular aesthetic treatments, on the market today!

It’s a relaxing way to rejuvenate the complexion, with NO DOWNTIME! Microdermabrasion is fantastic for: lackluster skin, some types of acne, preparation for other procedures-even great for those pesky bumps some folks get on the upper legs and backs of arms (called keratosis pilaris)-Anyone could see why this lunch-time procedure is so appealing!

So, how’s it work?!


microdermabrasion simply beautiful medical spa lisa chism

First, the area to be treated is cleansed and dried.

Next, the technician applies the small wand to the skin, and makes several passes over the area. As each pass is made, tiny crystals are blasted against the skin, while the internal vacuum sucks them up-simultaneously. The sensation is similar to being “licked by a cat”!

 (Think “sandblasting”-on a smaller scale!)microdermabrasion arkansas best spa

 Debris and dead skin are sloughed away, leaving beautiful, fresh skin!


What's that? You don’t have any dead skin or build-up, on your face?


The average human sheds almost TWO POUNDS of dead skin per year!


Chances are, some of us have some hanging around, dulling up our complexions! In the picture, on the right, you can see how exfoliating just a small amount of dead skin (top) results in a rosier glow (bottom)!



dry skin treatment exfoliation

Daily cleansing and exfoliating is certainly beneficial, but sometimes something smaller is needed, to tackle those microscopic flakes! That’s where the magic of microdermabrasion happens-those hard-working crystals!


One of my children was kind enough to volunteer the use of one of her blemishes, as a visual aid, here…


microdermabrasion simply beautiful medical spaPretty gross, huh?

Now,....imagine those flakes all over your face!


You’ll notice, in the picture on the left, there are multiple layers of dead skin, here! We humans have many layers of skin cells, all working hard to protect us and represent us! (see picture below)acne stretch marks scars

 Microdermabrasion has many benefits…

Unclogging pores (see picture top right; top is before)clogged pores blackheads microdermabrasion

Exfoliating skin

Managing Keratosis Pilaris (a skin condition that makes the skin rough, like “goose bumps” (see picture bottom right; top is before)

Softening up scars and stretch marks

Preparing the skin for other treatments

Boosting a dull complexion

keratosis pilaris

And, so much more!

After The Procedure…..

The skin is rosy pink, or even a bit red, but fades quickly.

Some individuals may have slight tenderness or a little sensitivity for a day or so (fresh skin cells are more sensitive than rough, dead ones!)

Since dead skin provides a bit of protection, it’s important to protect the skin from the elements (sun, wind, extreme temperatures, tanning, saunas, etc) and excess stimulation (retinol products, acidic products, waxing, chemical peels, etc).

While immediate improvement can be seen, most people report continual improvement of the skin, for up to ten days after a microdermabrasion!

For more information about Microdermabrasion, including pricing, click HERE!

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christine daleChristine Dale is a Bachelor’s level Registered Nurse, and Master Injector for Simply Beautiful Medical Spa, of Arkansas. Together, she and her husband, have five children! Christine enjoys blogging about aesthetic procedures and health, and spends most of her free time: reading about medical-aesthetic procedures and advancements, as well as attending educational and training opportunities, to build her skills. She and her husband also enjoy: parenting, fishing, hunting, and adventuring Arkansas’ beautiful wilderness!