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Red Light/Near-Infrared Bed

Posted Date: 2/05/24
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Unlock the Power of Anti-Aging with Red Light and Near-Infrared!

By: Christine Dale, APRN

January 30, 2024

Your body needs light to stay healthy!

What is Red and Near-Infrared Light?

Red and near-infrared light therapy (RLT-NIR) is the practice of exposing the body to specific wavelengths of light that results in healing and reduction of inflammation at a cellular level.

The Science

Red light therapy (RLT) delivers energy in wavelengths from approximately 600-650nm deep and has been used since the 1990s when NASA scientists began observing its benefits for healing wounds in space. RLT therapy is a treatment that uses red LED light to shine over an area of the body for a certain length of time, which results in a significant reduction of inflammation. This light is absorbed into the tissues approximately 8-10mm deep and provides healing energy to the mitochondria, the “battery” of our cells.

Near-infrared (NIR) light is wavelengths from approximately 800-1000 nm and is invisible to the naked eye. NIR can penetrate deep into the tissues and stimulate cellular processes that provide healthful, healing benefits. Using NIR for these effects is called photobiomodulation (PBM) and is currently being studied for its benefits in the medical field. 

The regeneration that is achieved through RLT-NIR therapy releases Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP) from the cells and increases energy levels. By recharging the mitochondria, cells can rejuvenate and re-energize! There are many devices for delivery such as therapy wands, masks, bulbs, lamps, and beds to name a few! The most effective devices are those that offer a large number of RLT bulbs and are used consistently, such as an RLT-NIR bed. 

“By recharging the mitochondria, cells can rejuvenate and re-energize!”

A multitude of positive effects occur from RLT-NIR, all of which actively combat the effects of aging!

  • Stimulation of DNA synthesis

  • Activation of the lymphatic system

  • Increased blood flow to the tissues

  • Increased delivery of nutrients into cells

  • Oxidative stress reduction and free radical damage mitigation

Many studies on RLT-NIR are in place demonstrating its safety and effectiveness. (You can find many of them at this database: RLT-NIR continues to be at the forefront of the anti-aging field. After reading the scores of benefits, it’s not hard to see why! 

There’s evidence to suggest that RLT-NIR therapy may have the following benefits:

Pain and Inflammation Relief

Hair growth

Increased Energy

Improved Libido

Fat Loss

Detoxification Support

Lymphatic Stimulation

Nitric Oxide Boost

Activation of Stem Cells

Improved Sleep

Collagen Production

Reduction of Stretch Marks

Improved Wound Healing

Improved Sun Damage

Improvement of Rosacea, Psoriasis, Eczema

Improvement of Acne

Immune System Support 

Muscle Recovery and Sports Injury Recovery

Brain and Mental Health

Testosterone Production

Bone Health

Thyroid Function

The combination of RED AND NEAR-INFRARED LIGHT in a comfortable bed offers a convenient way of achieving maximum regeneration in one, swift 8-15 minute session! 


How is a medical-grade RLT-NIR bed different from other Red Light beds out there?

These beds are entirely different from your common Red Light only beds! Older beds use the older “tube-lit” lighting technology. The more powerful beds use LED Red Light combined with individual near-infrared bulbs! 

Why does this matter?

The wavelengths of the tube beds provide no near-infrared. Near-infrared wavelengths are wavelengths that penetrate deeper into the body. Red light as a stand-alone treatment has benefits, but dual therapies are preferred.

Why Does Light Energy Matter?

We humans now spend a WHOPPING 90% of our day indoors! This means we miss out on key benefits from sunlight. It is known that lack of sunlight is associated with many health disparities, including depression, seasonal affective disorder, disrupted circadian rhythms, and more.

RLT-NIR therapy offers the healthful benefits of light without harmful radiation!

Scientists have found that red and near-infrared light stimulates and fuels our mitochondria, the “batteries” of our cells. Once “refueled”, the mitochondria can release an energy called adenosine triphosphate (ATP) which is utilized by the cells to detoxify, heal, regenerate, and rejuvenate! 

Who can use it?

Most can use RLT, but there are some special considerations;

• Persons diagnosed with active basal cell carcinoma.

• Women who are pregnant should consult their physician before beginning RLT-NIR treatments.

• Clients with epilepsy should consult their physician before beginning RLT-NIR treatments.

• Taking medications that cause sensitivity to light (example: tetracycline)

What To Expect?

When you arrive for your treatment, you will be brought into our private RLT-NIR bed room. The bed looks similar to a large tanning bed. Our staff will orient you to the room and provide you with a pair of special goggles to wear during the session, to protect your eyes. Staff will provide you with full instructions and leave you to undress to your level of comfort and begin your treatment in the bed. We always have calming music going through the bed during your treatment, but you are also welcome to bring your headphones for your own. 

The bed doesn’t heat up to a significant degree, so you should be comfortable enough to nap, meditate, or relax in quiet comfort.

Is it Safe?

Red/Near-Infrared Light is a powerful therapy that requires zero downtime. It has a high safety profile and is associated with no known long-term adverse side effects. Unlike tanning beds, red light and near-infrared light do not emit harmful UV radiation and won’t cause damage to your skin. 

What About Results?

There are various protocols used, but generally speaking, the average person may want to start with 2-3 times per week for the first 4-12 weeks. After desired results are achieved, the individual may want to maintain at 1-2 sessions per week, or even just as your schedule allows! Since this treatment is aimed at reducing inflammation, it’s good to utilize it regularly to keep those levels down!

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