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 Restylane®& Dysport® 


July 20, 2017

9:00 a.m.-6:00 p.m. 

Restylane Lyft Simply Beautiful Medical Spa


If you've ever wanted to try injectable filler or Dysport®, this is a GREAT opportunity to get in on HUGE discounts!

Our Master Level RN Injectors will be offering their combined experience of 20+ years, at sale prices you can't afford to miss out on, THIS DAY ONLY!



$100 OFF-every syringe of Restylane®!

Dyport®-only $8/Unit!

Come see why Simply Beautiful Medical Spa Nurses are the MOST EXPERIENCED INJECTORS!



"Once I decided to try Restylane and Dysport, I regained so much of my self-confidence! I keep up with the maintenance when these events come around, because it is a great bargain! I highly recommend these products, and I only trust Lisa and Christine to do the work! Thank you, Simply Beautiful, for changing my world!"-Donna Williamson, Simply Beautiful Medical Spa Client

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 Registered Nurses Lisa Chism and Christine Dale are a mother/daughter team, specializing in GREAT skin! 

Both began their careers in the ICU, quickly discovering their love of all things skin!

Lisa Chism Simply Beautiful Medical Spa Christine Dale Simply Beautiful Medical Spa


"I struggled with skin issues most of my life! I understand what it's like to battle for great skin! My clients are close to my heart; I seek answer WITH them, and am always on the hunt for products and services that will meet their needs! Everyone deserves to have healthy, beautiful skin! I will always do my best, to help them achieve that!"-Lisa Chism "I was introduced to wound care early on, in nursing. I began seeking out opportunities to develop on my love for healing people! When I sit down with a client, we talk about THEIR concerns, THEIR needs! We take time. We develop a plan, and my clients know, that I am here for that journey 100%. I have been called to serve as nurse, and every day I put my whole heart into what I do!"-Christine Dale

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