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Spider Vein

Spider Vein




(aka "Spider Vein Treatment") 

Sclerotherapy is a procedure performed to reduce or eliminate spider veins. During treatment, a solution of salt solution is injected directly into the vein. This causes the vessel to "shrink" or "fade" in appearance.

Initial visits for this procedure will include a consult with a Master Level Injector Registered Nurse. Certain medications (such as those that thin the blood) will need to be avoided prior to treatment. 


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How long does the procedure take? The initial visit takes approximately one hour, and subsequent follow-ups are thirty minutes.

Does it hurt? There will be some mild discomfort. Lidocaine is used to lessen this discomfort.

Is there any down time? No downtime required.

How fast will I see results? There is typically some lightening seen after the first treatment. Full results depend on the severity of spider veins and compliance with follow up treatments (if needed).

Do I only need one treatment? Most individuals can expect more than one treatment, to experience best results.

Is it permanent? No. Spider veins have many causes. Sclerotherapy can be used to treat these, as they occur. Many factors (genetics, injury, lifestyle, health, etc) can influence whether a person is likely to develop spider veins.

What's my after care? Immediately after the treatment, clients are instructed to walk for thirty minutes. A small taped bandage must be worn for two days. Clients are advised to avoid any strenuous activity for two days post treatment as well.

How should I prepare for a treatment? Avoid tanning. Avoid blood thinning substances (such as Aspirin). If you are on a prescription blood thinner, you can expect to be advised to discuss your upcoming sclerotherapy treatment and medications with your physician.