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Laser Hair Removal

Laser Hair Removal

Laser Hair Removal near me

Laser Hair Removal


At Simply Beautiful Medical Spa, all skin types and needs are addressed! Our skilled laser-certified nurses utilize the latest technology to carry out safe, effective treatments!

For reducing unwanted hair, the diode laser is considered the most effective. We treat the following areas:

 Full Legs: $425

Lower Legs: $250

Upper Legs: $250LightSheer Laser hair removal simply beautiful medical spa

Brazilian: $250

Bikini: $150

Full Arms: $300

Forearms: $200

Underarms: $125

Chest: $200

Face/Beard $350

Sideburns: $100

Chin: $125

Upper lip: $100

Lower Lip: $50

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Prices are per session. The number of sessions you will need varies. We encourage you to speak with our nurses, during a FREE consultation, prior to your first treatment!