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Eyebrow Tutorial

Eyebrow Tutorial

Eyebrow Tutorial-using bareMinerals®


Your guide to GREAT brows, in 3 MINUTES!

We’ve partnered up with professional makeup artist and YouTube sensation, Santana Rockey, to bring you this simply guide to fabulous eyebrow enhancement, using bareMinerals® products!

Read on, for the “skinny” on achieving polished-looking brows!

The bareMinerals® products we love for this look…

 Brow Master Shader Brush.jpg  


Brow Master Shader Brush


A stiff, angle brush on one end, for filling in the brows. A brow grooming tool on the other, to help blend product, for a natural finish!
 Frame and Define Pencil.jpg


Frame and Define Pencil


An ultra-fine tip, and two flattering shades-“light” and “dark”, make this brow pencil a powerful little makeup tool!

Brow Powder.jpg   


Brow Powder


An easy-to-use, fine powder, for filling in the brows. Comes in: “brunette”, “auburn”, “ash blond/pale”, and “dark blond/med”.
 Detail Shader Brush.jpg  


Detail Shader Brush


A super narrow tip for unbeatable details! Works fabulous for “cleaning up” around the brows!
  Well Rested Powder.jpg 


Well Rested Powder

The most flattering tone we’ve ever found, for an easy cleanup around the brows!


Follow these steps for FABULOUS eyebrows, or watch the video below!

Step 1: GROOM
• Use the Brow Master Shader Brush to comb brows in a natural direction.
• Use a small pair of scissors to trim longer hairs.
• Use tweezers to clean up excess hairs, outside the brow line.

groom the brows

Step 2: FILL IN
• Use the Frame and Define Pencil to outline the brows-don’t be afraid to go a little outside your natural line!
• Use your pencil to check that three points on your brow are in line with: the inside of your nose, the center of your pupil, and the outside corner of your eye.

outline the browsLine up the brows

Step 3: BLEND
• Use the Brow Master Shader Brush to apply the Brow Powder to fill in the brows-most people desire the brows to have darker tails.
• HINT: You can use more than one color, or you can use shades lighter or darker than your natural brow color!
• Use the comb end of the shader brush, to brush the product through the
brow more evenly.

Fill in the brows with powderBlend in the powder

Step 4: CLEAN UP
• Use the Detail Shader Brush to apply the Well Rested Powder around the edges of the brows. Think of it, as if you were “cutting in” the brow, or making a cleaner edge.

Clean around the brows

 Brows before and after


There you have it! Great brows are a SNAP, when you use bareMinerals® products and this step-by-step guide!

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