Simply Beautiful, Inc.
Clear + Brilliant

Clear + Brilliant

Get your glow back!

From SOLTA MEDICAL®, the company who brought you fraxel® lasers!



Rejuvenate your skin, with a laser treatment designed for NO DOWNTIME!

Improves tone and texture

Leaves skin radiant and glowing

Reduces the appearance of pores

Simply Beautiful Medical Spa brings you the Clear + Brilliant laser treatment!

$400 per treatment


Non-surgical! Noninvasive!


A Typical Clear + Brilliant Treatment:

  • Requires about 45 minutes for a complete session
  • Topical numbing cream will be applied prior to treatment, in order to provide additional comfort
  • The handpiece will gently glide across the target area and actively treat your skin during the Clear + Brilliant procedure.
  • Utilizes the patented Intelligent Optical Tracking™ System (IOTS™) to ensure your skin care professional maintains proper contact with your skin and provides a uniform application to all treated areas
  • With Clear + Brilliant laser treatments, a topical cooling serum will be applied to the skin immediately after treatment.