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Brazilian Waxing

Brazilian Waxing

Arkansas' Best Brazilian Waxing!

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Getting a Brazilian wax can be an quick and easy procedure, when done by an experienced medical-spa professional.

Our medical spa is Arkansas' best Brazilian Waxing facility! Christine Dale, RN, has been performing Brazilian waxing for 6+ years, and was trained in Miami, Florida.

Come experience the safest and most comfortable waxing experience!


 Brazilian Wax $60

Follow Ups only $45

(done within 6 weeks of each wax)

 Ask The Nurse!

We asked Christine Dale, BSN, RN, CLHRP, all the most common waxing questions!


Does it hurt??

As with any waxing, there is some discomfort involved with a Brazilian wax. In my 6+ years of performing this type of wax, I've learned a few tips on keeping pain to a minimum! I also use a special wax and post wax solution to prevent irritation. Most of the time, I can have you in and out within 30 minutes. My first time clients always tell me "I can't believe how easy you made that!"

Is it embarrassing?

I've been in your shoes! It takes alot of trust and confidence to walk in anywhere and get a Brazilian wax done! That being said, rest assured I do not take that trust lightly! Being a nurse, I recognize how important your dignity is, and I make sure to drape and cover you, as appropriate! Keep in mind, I am here to serve YOU, so your feedback and input is welcomed here! 

What waxing options do I have?

Many! If you want some hair left (in a particular shape), that's a possibility! If you want it all gone-no sweat! If you are concerned about positioning, we can do it YOUR WAY! It's your body, after all!

How long will the hair stay gone?

Most experts say you can expect about 50% of hair growth to return at 4 weeks. Of course, I find that varies greatly, from client to client. I have clients who prefer to wax anything that pops up, immediately, and I have clients who like to extend that wax as long as possible before the next one. Expect the hair to return softer and thinner then before, with no irritation, as compared to shaving!

How often do I need to wax?

That's up to you! I recommend no sooner than 3 weeks from the previous wax. If you want to take advantage of the follow up price, it's within 6 weeks from the previous wax. For your first time, I need approximately one week's growth.

Still have questions?

Give me a call, at (870) 435-5000. I'd love to talk more!

Also, all consultations are FREE, and there is never an obligation.